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On Top of the World

Feb 1, 2016

In this episode Matt and Dave discuss how teachers can prepare students for the transition from high school to university. We are joined by three of our close friends from the AP World History reading to help us with this subject; Eric Jones (associate professor of Southeast Asian studies at Northern Illinois University), Jennifer Sweatman (assistant professor of history at Washington and Jefferson College), and Jennifer Beck (AP World History teacher at Loyalsock Township High School). Together we discuss the AP reading, university-level expectations, possible reading and writing assignments, and our most inspiring history teachers. We also choose one book or album if stranded on a desert island, with Dave and Jenn S opting for classic literature, Jenn B fending off the hunger pains, and Matt and Eric bringing rather divergent musical options. Recommendations are:

Eric – Toer, This Earth of Mankind

Jenn S – Feraoun, Journal: 1955-62

Dave – Lee, The Ugly Renaissance

Matt – Ferrar, Freedom’s Mirror

Jenn B – Loewen, Lies My Teacher Told Me