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On Top of the World

Aug 8, 2019

The new AP World History Course and Exam Description (CED) is out and we have to figure out the best and most responsible way to teach it. 

In this episode, Matt interviews Eric Beckman, a veteran teacher and winner of the 2018 William H. McNeill World History Association Teacher Scholarship. What exactly has changed? Where and how should we start this new truncated course? Are Texans taking over World History? How can we best create an anti-racist and global course within the parameters of the new standards? 

With our goal of helping students do better on the exam, making the course more coherent, and making the course less Eurocentric, this episode will help both novice and experienced teachers grapple with the 2019 standards from College Board. 



Learning, Online by Eric Beckman

Eric's Twitter

The AP World History: Modern CED